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Power Drill and laptop batteries recycling

Want to dispose of your dead batteries?

If you are looking for a an ecologica lly responsible way to dispose of your dead Power Drill and Laptop  batteries there are options that don't cost you anything and will have them safely recycled, not dumped in landfill!

Luxury Domestic Cleaning Services will accept all types of Power Drill and Laptop batteries for safe disposal, this is free service.

Luxury Domestic Cleaning Services offer a Battery Recycle service for all you old Power Drill and Laptop batteries, Call TODAY on: 0415 999 180 to dispose of your batteries Safely, Legally and Responsibly.

Some environmental aspects of recycling batteries...

Rechargeable batteries should not be disposed of with household waste. If disposed of this way they can end up in landfill sites and the harmful chemicals contained can leach in to the earth and waterways.
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Recycle your clothes
and make a difference

Each year the Australian public throw away millions of tonnes of textiles these textiles end up in landfill, the vast majority of which could be used or recycled. Luxury Domestic Cleaning Textiles Recycling program offers an environmentally friendly alternative to this wastage.
By recycling clothes, shoes and textiles will receive a second lease of life and help worthy charity organisations raise much needed funds to help children in need, the disbled, the elderly and low income families.
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