Cost of Service Estimating

Please follow the instructions to estimate the cost of service.

How long will it take?

the total time required to clean your property can vary based on:

  • the size of your property
  • the cleaning tasks you would like us to perform
  • the amount of mess/clutter
  • the level of dirtiness/soiling
  • the quantity of furnishings/ornaments
  • the time since last cleaned

Actual time vs man-hours

our cleaning services are priced per man-hour (e.g. per cleaner per hour).

if we send more than one cleaner, the actual service time is less than the total man-hours.

For example, a 6 man-hour job would take:

1 Cleaner     x 6 hrs = 6 man-hrs
2 Cleaners     x 3 hrs (each)  = 6 man-hrs
3 Cleaners      x 2 hrs (each) = 6 man-hrs

If we send two or more cleaners, we'll get the same job done in less time. For example, one person cleaning your house for 6 man-hours would cost $150.00 (1 cleaner x 6 hrs x $25 = $150.00). If two cleaners did the same job, it would still take 6 man-hours (2 cleaners x 3 hrs x $25 = 6 man-hours) and cost $150.00 (2 cleaners x 3 hrs x $25 = $150.00) but take only 3 hours in actual time.

Example for a Regular Service of 4 hours.

$65 for the first 2 hours +  (2 cleaners x 1 hours x $25 = 2 man hours) and cost $115.00 for a total of 4 man hours.

How to pre decide total man-hours for your task?

When you're ready to make a booking, we'll agree on a fixed time (Total man-hours) for your specific service and advise you of the total cost. We will always provide an accurate and realistic quote based on your requirements and our previous experience. However, please note that since the condition of properties can vary significantly and having not seen your property, it may not be possible for our cleaners to complete all of the cleaning tasks you have requested within the agreed time.

In the event that your cleaning service takes less time, we'll only charge for the man-hours worked. If your service takes longer we'll advise you that we need more time to complete all the tasks. You may then choose to pay for any additional time required (if the cleaner's schedule allows) or to keep to the agreed time but leave some tasks.

Customers can also choose required time based on their own experience. (eg. 2hrs cleaning daily). In this case we'll priorities work load as required by client.