We love pets but please, make sure your animals are out of harm’s way or locked up if necessary.


We keep our teams on the ground at all times. This means no climbing ladders of any kind. We’ll use extending poles to clean hard to reach places.

Heavy Objects

Our staff isn’t able to lift more than 13kg (30lbs). For their safety, If you require cleaning behind appliances or furniture please make accommodations to get these moved.

Biological Waste

We aren’t equipped to clean any chemical or biological waste.

Biological waste includes, but is not limited to;

Sharps Bins

Chemical Spills (Heavy Acids / Alkynes)

Anamal or Human Faeces

Anamal or Human Carceses

Let us know if you have any of these challenges and we’ll be happy to refer you to someone who can help with these messes.

High Tempratures

Safe Work Australia has published a Guide for managing the risks of working in heat. Available Here

Heat is a hazard in many Australian workplaces, whether work is performed indoors or outdoors. In 2009 there were 980 heat-related deaths in Australia.

We ask that you allow cleaners to open windows or run fans or airconditioners during extream heatwaves 35*c to 39*c cleaners have the right to refuse to work in unsafe hot conditions.
No cleaners can leagaly work in tempratures over 40*c. We can rescedual your service to a day when heat is not so extream.

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